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5 Must-Go-To Places in Florence

I was thrilled to finally book my flight to Florence – an Italian gem that honors its title as Tuscany’s capital city. Florence is packed with churches, paintings, architecture, and landscape, where you can breathe art and culture from its every nook and cranny.

It felt positively surreal to walk in the Galleria and Uffizi’s long halls of masterpieces and witness some of the best Renaissance art, including renowned artists such as Michaelangelo, Botticelli and DaVinci.

But there is so much more to Florence than just art. After some thorough research, I managed to visit some of the most beautiful landscapes, huge museums, quiet monasteries, and spirited piazzas, which I will mention below as must-to-dos when visiting this historical city.

  1. Uffizzi Art Gallery

Yes. Let’s start with the obvious, Uffizi is a must. If you don’t visit the Uffiżi Palazza art gallery you will miss out on seeing some of Europe’s best art masterpieces.

I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the massive Botticelli’s, ”The Birth of Venus” or the impressive masterpiece ”Madonna with the long neck” by Parmigianino

  1. Monastery San Miniato Al Monte

This monastery was one of my best experiences in Florence. It ticked so many boxes that I cannot help but list as a definite must-see for anyone visiting Florence. Once you go all the way up to Miniato al Monte, one can enjoy a breathtaking view of old Florence from above, including Duomo and Piazza Vecchia.

Upon entering this white-beautifully-architectured monastery, you are soothed by the inner peace. I must say I felt pretty lucky because, at the time of my visit, the monastery priests were singing Gregorian Chants.

  1. Piazza Dell Duomo

Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site this grand piazza is a marvel of art and architecture. The Piazza houses the notorious Duomo – the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore. I did go up the dome and also enjoyed one of the best panoramic from one of the highest altitude of the city

Other giant architectures are Giotto’s Bell Tower and San Giovanni Battista Baptistery opposite the cathedral. This ancient Baptistery is one of the oldest worship places in Florence and located just opposite the cathedral.

I chose to enjoy this piazza by sipping some tea and a nice hot meal in one of its charming cafes.

  1. Piazza Della Signoria

As grand as Piazza del Duomo is La Piazza Della Signoria, located just a few meters south of Duomo.

Signoria houses a huge clock tower, which forms part of the Palazzo Vecchio magnificent building. I was also surprised to see massive replicas of David and Hercules sculptures in the centre, giving the piazza a sense of grandeur.

  1. Giardino Bardini

I really appreciate some green corners and spaces whilst I am abroad. Florence offers this enchanting garden known as Bardini Gardens. This massive Giardino houses to entrances, one from San Nicolo neighborhood and the other past Cista San Giorgio.

I was lucky to visit during the magnificent purple bloom of wisteria arch and I enjoyed a sip of wine, enjoying a sunset view from the upstairs bar which the garden has to offer.


Florence is one of those cities which leaves that sweet mark on the soul and bequeaths the traveler with a sense of grandeur and inspiration. Florence not only offers unique sightseeing and some of Europe’s best art and architecture, but it’s a chance to go back in time and take in all the ancient stories and charm that vibrate through every wall and cobblestone of this beautiful Italian city.

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