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5 Reasons Why Photography is an Art Form

Before the first photo that was created in the 18th century, lifelike images of what the eye can see could only be made by talented artists. In modern times and the age of photography, painting was really unique because most of us could just imagine the work and effort spent just to generate such a realistic image. This is considering that these skilled artists had to compete with an era where photography tools are not a luxury but an integral part of most modern cultures. Because of this, I am going to give you 5 reasons why photography should be thought of as an art form, because it is one.

Photography requires Imagination and Creativity

Getting the right shot requires a significant amount of creativity. Anyone these days can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer. But a real photographer will focus on the principles of the craft like composition and arranging elements in the frame for maximum impact to create an impactful image. That requires imagination and creativity. There are so many variables a photographer has to consider when they are taking a thought through shot, this needs artistic vision behind it.

Photography Captures Emotions

Photography freezes a moment in time forever and the successful photographers capture the moment that evokes emotions. There are so many fantastic candid photographs that capture stark emotion on display for all too see that you simply could not capture through other mediums. Many famous photographs have been of snap shots of chaotic or monuments parts of history and that history carries a lot of emotion with it.

Photography requires Analytical Skills

When a professional photographer takes a picture he has to have a lot of variables in mind. Sure, modern cameras reduce the burden slightly, but if this photographer is going for a particular look, he cannot leave his camera on automatic settings. He must understand how the exposure triangle works, with a working knowledge of how variables like ISO, shutter speed or aperture will affect the final image.

If these are not understood than the final product could be blurry, grainy, or out of focus. This could ruin your photographs. Of course, no one sets out to take a photograph that will be blurry or grainy, which is why you may want to consider looking for image software that can help to fix any blurry pictures you may have in your collection. As well as this, the depth of the field in relation to sensor size is a whole can of worms that can be difficult to understand when it comes to creating the desired result. So, being analytical is key to creating a defined style in your images.

Photographers Understand physics

Experienced photographers know that they must also have an understanding of how camera angles, lighting, and optics work. Being knowledgeable about the science of light and how we capture it will net better images for the photographer. Lighting is one of the main elements that can add so much depth and richness to an image. So, knowing how the light will hit that camera can make sure you are ready to take the perfect shot at the right moment. Lighting can also work wonders when used as a backdrop. You could, for instance, take a look at Neon Mama and see if some neon lights can be used to enhance the pictures.

Photographers Understand Abstraction

Many expert photographers apply abstraction related ideas to how they compose their images. Another important elements of image composition for photographers is geometric shapes, lines, texture, colour and many more. With these ideas in mind, photographers make use of geometric shapes and lines to guide the audience’s eyes in particular directions. Almost creating a visual road map for where the eyes will be drawn so the image can efficiently show off its focal point.

Ultimately, to create great photography, you need a varied skillset and a keen eye. These are staples for artists in any medium. Hence why I think that photography can easier stand among any art form as a medium that can express emotion and tell a story. Modern technological developments are making it easier all the time for people to pick up the art form and express themselves which is fantastic for those who want to get into art.

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