About Me

Ola. I’m Lacasa Del Riccio.

As of today (August 2020), I’m a traveling blogger who is currently residing in the Spanish region of Costa Blanca.

Next month? Who knows. I’ve been an avid traveler since the moment I turned 18 and was able to board a flight on my own accord.

I knew my path from the day I turned 13 years old and went to school. I saw my parents stuck in the corporate grind, and I saw my friends parents working for themselves – often for 15+ hours a day.

I decided that there was a better, a more free life – a life where I could travel, uninterrupted, around the world.

As for money, you ask? Well, I take whatever jobs I can find and live a frugal and happy life.

This blog is my way of helping you to adopt the same lifestyle – the free lifestyle, of earning money, traveling the world and doing what YOU want to do.

See you soon,
Lacasa Del Riccio