Author: Lacasa Del Riccio

Tips for Saving when Traveling

Traveling can be expensive but with the right strategy you can cut down the cost. If you want to start…

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Getting Fit for Solo Travel: What You Need to Know

When the idea of traveling comes to mind, many people think of group travel. Or at least two people. The…

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Solo Weekend Getaways to Europe: My Top Tips

Europe is one of my favorite travel destinations for solo getaways. There are friendly people, different food cuisines, beautiful beaches,…

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First Time Solo Camping? Everything You Need to Know

Camping alone? For many people, camping can seem very risky and something that can only be done if there are…

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Traveling Alone? Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Whenever I travel, two major decisions always cross my mind before reserving a trip; the means of travel, and where…

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How to Make Money While Traveling in Europe

Traveling is usually associated with days away from work. It’s when you decide to spend some time exploring a new…

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Kayaking in Poland – A World Of Fun

The Republic of Poland, situated in Central Europe, is known for its main cities of Warsaw and Cracow, filled with…

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How to Rent a Mailbox When You Move Abroad

Most tourists or expatriates are often concerned about the possibility of receiving their mail while abroad. While you might have…

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European Ski Resorts – Borovets

When it comes to travel for pleasure, one of the more sought-after types of destinations is ski resorts. Thousands of…

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Is Flying Short Haul Business Class Worth It?

We all have flown Economy Class and have an experience of how it can be like. Narrower seats, small legroom,…

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Lacasa Del Riccio

Ola. I’m Lacasa Del Riccio.

As of today (August 2020), I’m a traveling blogger who is currently residing in the Spanish region of Costa Blanca.

Next month? Who knows. But I hope you’ll come along for the ride!


A little snapshot of home, Guadalest….

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