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Best Snowy Destinations for Winter Lovers

Winter is meant to take out your warm clothes, sip on some hot chocolate and spend some time with your loved ones, sitting around a fireplace (make sure you have ample heating oil similar to the ones that provide deliveries for large homes on Long Island) and of course, enjoy the season of festivities!

However, while not everyone likes the cold breeze of winter, some will do anything to embrace it – even things like camper renting iceland so they can drive and sleep as they please! I love the winter holidays because not many people do! When you get to most winter destinations in this list, you’ll get better deals, fewer crowds, and a much smoother booking process. Also, winter travel is a form of sustainable tourism with the rise of over-tourism in the past years. My list of snowy destinations is a mix of personal experience and recommendations from friends who have been there. These are places I’d go over and over without getting bored, so I’m sure you’ll do too.

Zermatt, Switzerland
Considered the best destination for skiers, Zermatt is a tiny town located at the border of Italy engulfed with elevated mountains. It’s an excellent snow destination with more than 200 kilometres of pistes and a couple of thrilling runs. If you’re not so much into skiing, the small town offers snowshoeing and other winter sports. Zermatt has a reliable snowfall so you’d expect most of the winter to be snowy. Ski lifts are available in areas where the snow cover is deeper.

Tromso Norway
Tromso is an interesting place to visit during winter. It has a unique winter pattern with some areas having extremely cold conditions and others mild temperatures. You can also get to see the northern lights during this time especially, between September and April. Views of the city are exhilarating and I prefer a cable car tour to the towering mountains for best views.

To get an even better chance of seeing the northern lights, make sure you visit the town anywhere from November to January. During this 48-day period, the sun never rises and you’re most likely to see the northern lights.

Bregenzerwald, Austria
I visited Bregenz Forest once and I still love the way this place quickly transforms into a winter wonderland during the colder months. With plenty of snowshoe trails and ski trails, there’s never a dull moment once you step in the snowy destination. For an even thrilling experience, there are night snowshoeing trips organized during full moon nights. The forest has a unique alien vibe at night with lots of snow on the surface.

If you’re a skiing person, the Hittisau cross-country ski area is exactly what you need. It’s packed with 50 kilometers of mountain skiing trails soaring to a maximum elevation of 1,040 meters. A tour to the city of Bregenz is tranquil and offers tons of indoor fun including Baroque buildings, museums, and music festivals.

Val Thorens, France
Considered one of the highest ski resorts in Europe, Val Thorens is a popular choice during the Easter holidays. That’s because it starts seeing snow during May and the days are longer, so more time to ski! Though it is a snowy destination, the sun is brighter in Val Thorens with clear blue skies during the day.

Non-skiers will also love Val Thorens as the resort offers so many activities for fun. For instance, there’s a zipline which starts at the pinnacle of the Moutiere chairlift, coming all the way down at speeds of up to 75 km/h. There is also a helicopter tour if you wish to view the famous resort from above.

West Yellowstone, Montana, US
Head over to the Yellowstone National Park and you will find plenty of snowmobile trails. In fact, there are more than 6,000 kilometers of snowmobile trails in Montana, most of which are located in Yellowstone National Park.

Winters are usually hectic and the roads become super thick with ice. So, anyone heading to the park is required to access the park through guided snowmobile tours. Normal traffic is banned in the backcountry roads as Yellowstone can get as much as 380 centimeters. Generally, the town of West Yellowstone stretches to several places including Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Whether you choose to visit with a tour company like Tours4Fun or independently, you’ll definitely have some fun exploring this snowy wonderland in the US.

Rovaniemi, Finland
This small village in the Arctic Circle is an excellent place to spend your holiday as it is considered the home of Santa. There are plenty of Christmas-related attractions spread across the city, especially during the winter. There’s guided snowshoeing and a mobile sleigh adventure through the snow-capped environment.

This tiny village may not sound familiar but I consider it as one of the best getaway locations during winter. What’s more, the Ranua Wildlife Park is filled with Arctic animals and snowy trails for an unforgettable adventure.

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