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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Germany

Germany is one of the many countries that can be found in Europe. It is typically situated in the joint…

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Best Places To Go Kayaking

If you are wondering what kayaking is, you may be surprised to learn that kayaks are just one of the…

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How to Determine the Best Means of Transport for Traveling

Traveling is a fascinating experience that can help us relieve stress and relax our minds. However, it requires us to…

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Top Places We Should Visit in Our Lifetime Around the World

Undoubtedly, we love spending our holidays in the most exciting destinations worldwide. People can set aside some funds that will…

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Best Snowy Destinations for Winter Lovers

While not everyone likes the cold breeze of winter, some will do anything to embrace it – even things like…

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VPN for Travel: What You Need To Know

It is no secret that while traveling different countries have changing perspectives on what governments allow or do not allow….

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5 Must-Go-To Places in Florence

I was thrilled to finally book my flight to Florence – an Italian gem that honors its title as Tuscany’s…

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Tips for Saving when Traveling

Traveling can be expensive but with the right strategy you can cut down the cost. If you want to start…

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Traveling Alone? Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Whenever I travel, two major decisions always cross my mind before reserving a trip; the means of travel, and where…

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Is Flying Short Haul Business Class Worth It?

We all have flown Economy Class and have an experience of how it can be like. Narrower seats, small legroom,…

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Lacasa Del Riccio

Ola. I’m Lacasa Del Riccio.

As of today (August 2020), I’m a traveling blogger who is currently residing in the Spanish region of Costa Blanca.

Next month? Who knows. But I hope you’ll come along for the ride!


A little snapshot of home, Guadalest….

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