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Coffee Culture Around the World

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, and it is a way of life in many cultures. As such many cultures have developed different styles of coffee, from Hawaiian styled mahalo coffee to the rich but milky cortado of Spain. We will look at a selection of coffee cultures around the world, the history of coffee, and what we can learn from these cultures. There’s no denying that coffee is one of the most popular and enduring drinks on the planet – and there’s also no denying that it’s a drink that has traveled around the world at least once. People are drawn to coffee and with the myriad of flavors available from companies like Dodjivi and others, there is always a flavor that will entice someone in. Here’s a look at the coffee culture of two of the most widely visited countries in the world.

• Kaffee in Denmark

Denmark is a small country in Northern Europe that is surrounded by frisky neighbours and is famous for its unique, high-quality coffee. All the cafés in the country serve a selection of this traditional drink and are proud to have been awarded their “Caffè Certificate d’Origine.” Coffee is a drink that you can’t get enough of. You can always find yourself in a café or on the street to get your daily dosage of caffeine – usually in the form of a latte, cappuccino, espresso, or a cup of joe. But do you know what coffee is also used around the world? In Denmark, coffee is used for brewing beer, which is why the world’s biggest beer festival, the Copenhagen Beer Festival, is known as Alternativ Kaffekonkurrence or AKK.

• Café Cubano in Cuba

Coffee is an important part of Cuban culture, and as such, it is widely used in a variety of ways. Because of this, the country has many interesting coffee shops which often tend to have espresso machine with grinder for the best kind of coffee flavour and experience. For instance, at the end of a long day out, it is not unusual to see Cubans gathering in a local café to relax and perhaps chat with friends. Cuba: Café Cubano is hands down the best Cuban coffee shop. Located on Paseo Cubanos, a street in the heart of Old Havana, it’s a small, casual spot where you can enjoy a coffee and bagel, but also a strong Cuban coffee and a snack. The Cuban coffee is made with freshly roasted beans and served in a ceramic cup. It’s among the best coffee in the world.

• Kahwa in Saudi Arabia

Kahwa, a.k.a. coffee, is a staple beverage in Saudi Arabia. However, unlike American coffee, which is brewed using a drip coffee maker, Saudi coffee is brewed by boiling green coffee beans in a pot filled with water, then pouring it through a metal strainer. The result is a strong yet smooth coffee. Many Saudis like their coffee with a little extra kick, so they add a blend of coffee beans to the pot.

• Japanese Coffee Culture

Japan is famous for anime, manga, the fashion industry, and, of course, coffee. Coffee culture is a huge part of Japanese culture, and there are many things that show it off, from specialty coffee shops to coffee-themed cafés. But these aren’t the only places to try Japanese coffee culture; you can find it all over the country, from the mountains of Hokkaido to the beaches of Okinawa.

Japan is often touted as a coffee-drinking nation. In fact, Japan is the world’s largest consumer of coffee, but it’s not entirely clear what the actual percentages are. What is clear, however, is that there’s no shortage of quality coffee in Japan. Secondly, the Japanese love coffee and they have a very eclectic, unique, and creative take on it.

• Italy Coffee Culture

Coffee is the world’s best-known and most popular beverage, and for a good reason: it tastes great, it’s cheap, and it’s just about the easiest thing to make at home. But the coffee culture around the world is as diverse as the countries it’s produced in. In Italy, the drink is called “caffè,” and it’s enjoyed in many ways. Coffee is considered a social drink, and Italians like to socialize while drinking it. In old-world Italian homes, a pot of coffee was often kept on the stove for many hours and was often served at the table with snacks, bread, and sweets. Now, coffee is typically consumed in the morning.

Aside from these countries, many, such as Australia, are well-known for their mushroom coffee, which people typically purchase from online stores such as Beams Collective. They frequently consume mushroom coffee to reduce inflammation in their bodies, as well as to improve focus, energy, and overall wellness. Mushroom coffee is regarded as a healthier alternative to regular coffee because it contains medicinal mushroom extracts and other health benefits.

What do you get when you cross the global coffee community with a global traveller? The Travel Coffee Club, of course. The Travel Coffee Club is a place where coffee lovers from all over the world can come together and discuss their favourite coffee-related topics, share their travel tips, and discover new places to visit all over the world. In our first issue, we hope to share information about the coffee culture around the world and introduce you to some of our fellow coffee drinkers.

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