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European Ski Resorts – Borovets

When it comes to travel for pleasure, one of the more sought-after types of destinations is ski resorts. Thousands of skiing enthusiasts flock to such well-recognised places as Whistler Blackcomb, Courcehvel, Zermatt, Cortina d’Ampezzo, etc whilst others prefer to find a ski hotel in the United States instead. European sites known for hosting this type of tourism often rank among the most preferred holiday spots in the world and definitely have a lot to offer to skiing fans.

One such place is the popular Bulgarian mountain resort, currently known as Borovets (formerly Chamkoria). Situated in the Sofia Province (on the slopes of the Rila Mountain), this charming holiday centre is the oldest of its kind in the country and is among the European sites you must visit, if you have not yet done so. In this article you will discover what the author finds appealing about Borovets and why you might want to consider planning a trip to there.

General Appeal

With the total length of its pistes reaching 58 km (the longest being 12 km), Borovets is generally smaller than other prominent ski centres. However, being a notable winter holiday destination, it does offer all the usual facilities for skiing and other winter sports such places are expected to offer. It boasts excellent runs for beginners (such as Sityankovo 1), those of intermediate skill (Yastrebets area) and, of course, those with advanced/professional level abilities (Markujik 1 and 2), with off-piste skiing also being an option in certain areas of the resort.

Visitors who do not feel confident enough to venture out onto the slopes could benefit from the excellent ski instruction facilities (with some instructors being former professional skiers) of the centre. Instruction services are also available on the snowboarding activities which are popular amongst guests and which provide a fun, equally engaging, alternative to skiing.

Associated Costs

The expenses associated with holidaying in Borovets are generally much lower than those that come with staying at other such resorts. It is notable for being a less costly and, therefore, a more wallet-friendly option than other European ski centres.

It is considered a good place to learn skiing and snowboarding due to the affordable and high-quality instruction sessions offered there. Thus, those on a budget, or those not willing to part with much of their cash who want to experience all the joys of a first-class skiing trip would especially benefit from visiting the area.

Additional entertainment

Contributing to Borovets’ appeal is the wide range of activities that the resort offers in addition to traditional winter sports. The town is known for its restaurants, bars, and other venues where guests can spend some quality time and enjoy local and international food. Holidaymakers could also opt for paying a visit to the many shops located in the area offering quality ski wear and other goods, such as souvenirs. Some hotels also have bowling, swimming, and spa facilities which guests can enjoy.

The more adventurous guests and nature lovers could book a Skidoo Safari with a trained professional and tour the local forests. It is a perfect combination of winter sports and nature exploration. Often, on selected tours, discounts can be obtained for children attending them. The site boasts on many natural landmarks. It is situated at the foot of Mt. Musala (the highest Balkan peak) and the Black Rock of Chamkoria (which is also historic of significance) is also close by.

If you wish to combine your skiing holiday with some exploring of cultural heritage sites and/or city trips, you are likely to enjoy the full and half-day trips to the capital, Sofia, and Plovdiv (Bulgaria’s second largest city). You could also visit the Rila Monastery, one of the most iconic religious and cultural centres in the country and a popular spot among international and local tourists alike.

With the variety of activities available to visitors this particular resort has much to offer and it is well-equipped to engage and entertain any type of holiday-maker, from those simply wishing to have a relaxed winter trip in a cosy environment with some light entertainment to those seeking to go and explore places, to learn about the local culture, and/or to experience a more adventure-packed holiday.

Suitability for Families

Borovets is considered one of the most family-friendly ski resorts in Bulgaria. It offers many facilities and services which have been designed with children in mind.

As mentioned previously, children benefit from special discounts on attending certain tours which can be enjoyed by the whole family. In addition to those the site hosts a specially designed children’s ski area, namely the Borokids Park, which contains several different types fun activity areas for young skiers.

Some of the major hotels also have nurseries (for children aged 1-3) and offer kindergarten (4-6 age group) services where children can receive skiing tuition. Such tuition is also available for older children. It is, therefore, a highly desirable holiday destination for families with lots of entertainment for youngsters.

Summertime Visits

Being a ski resort, Borovets is usually more suitable for winter trips. That said, it does offer options for visitors who fancy to spend their summer holiday there. Some of the activities which guests can enjoy during summer months include horse riding, hiking, fishing, and biking (specially constructed biking routes are available).

Vacationing in Borovets is definitely a must for any winter sports enthusiast. However, even if you are not much into skiing, this place is well worth a visit given the range of entertainment options it offers.

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