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Getting Fit for Solo Travel: What You Need to Know

When the idea of traveling comes to mind, many people think of group travel. Or at least two people. The general idea of traveling is to get on the road with friends, family, or an intimate partner. However, solo travel is a thing too; and an impressive one as well!

Many people will not agree with this statement at first, but if you get to listen to someone who enjoys solo travel, you will appreciate how gratifying it can be. Many solo travelers will tell you that they were also apprehensive about doing it at first. They were probably forced to go alone by circumstance, something like all other members pulling out at the last minute. They will, however, tell you that they have since been on several solo travels, and enjoyed each one of them.

Why Travel Solo?

There are numerous benefits of traveling alone. One, it gives you an immense amount of ‘me-time’ to disengage from the familiar world. You can engage yourself in self-reflection and discover things that you never knew about yourself. Two, you get to acquaint yourself with new people outside your familiar circle. Three, you can do things at your own pace, e.g., hiking, cycling, swimming, and surfing. You could even rent a bike and embark on an exciting hilton head bike trails. You can borrow a bike from one of the stations located throughout the city and return it to a station close to your destination.

Also, it looks at how to get yourself fit for solo travel. Most of such fitness relates to the body, but you should probably look at how to set your mind in the right shape for being alone.

How to Get Fit for Solo Travel

When you travel alone, you are, well, alone. Most probably in a faraway land. In case of a mishap, you will not have a partner to pick you up. For this reason, it is important to get yourself in tip-top physical condition. This will help you to avoid injuries. I am saying this not to scare you but to emphasize the importance of getting in good shape before venturing out alone.

When Should I Start Preparing for Solo Travel?
If you are a regular solo traveler, you should be getting ready for your next trip as soon as you return from your last one. That is theoretical, however, and not easy to pull off. You don’t after, all, want your travels to feel like court orders.

Once you have picked a destination for your next trip, you should begin getting in shape around two months before you set out. This will give you enough time to disengage from the previous trip. That way, you will have renewed hunger and desire to start preparing. It also should give you enough time to source new activewear for the trip, if you wish, and don’t forget to check sites like Raise, who have coupons and codes for some of the biggest names, including Nike (, to help save you some money on these new purchases.

With all that said, the time to begin your exercise routine will also depend on the duration between two trips. If you are the kind of person, who embarks on major trips once a year, you will need to stay in shape with light exercises all year long. This will make it easy to step up training intensity when the trip draws close.

Which Exercises Should I Do When Prepping for Solo Travel?
As mentioned earlier, you should pay as much attention to mental exercises as you do to physical workouts. That is the main difference between exercising for group travel and getting fit for solo travel. There is no point being in great physical shape when traveling alone but still be lonely and worried.

Physical Exercise

It is essential to be fully fit, but then again, the kind of fitness will depend on the specific activities you will be doing during your trip. If you will be participating in lots of archery, for instance, you cannot seek the same fitness that you would if you are going to be hiking.

You should have organ-specific exercises as well as full-body workouts. These two routines should be interchanged through the week, or between weeks. Full-body workouts include skipping, burpees, running, swimming, and push-up variations. Mainly, they are cardio exercises. Specific training includes anaerobic activities and routines like weight lifting.

I find it wise to avoid focusing too much on the specific activity you will be doing during the trip as part of your exercise. For instance, if you will be cycling during your trip, doing a lot of cycling in the build-up will take away the thrill of the trip experience. Rather, you should know which muscles are used in cycling then focus on excises that strengthen those muscles.

Physical exercise before your trip should be fun. You are looking to have a good time, not to win medals. Remember, you don’t need to be in the gym 24/7 to get fit. It is just as easy to get fit at home, although you may need to buy some equipment. There is advice on this topic on BonBon Shalal, should you need it. You can also fit workouts into your daily routine. For instance, you may decide to be taking the stairs rather than the elevator at work. For variation, you may take two steps at a time as you progress.

Rest is an important part of your physical exercise as you prepare for your solo travel. You do not want to be approaching burn-out as your trip draws close. To get the best routines, limit your exercises to a maximum of four days in a week, with just one or two of those being intense.

Preparing for your trip might just be the perfect time to introduce some discipline to your diet. You will need to eat right for your physical exercises to be effective. Check out nutritional articles or consult your doctor for guidance on this.

Help and Tracking
Technology is a great tool to keep track of your progress and seek help when exercising. With fitness apps, you will learn about the best diet, exercises, and progress. The apps also give you reminders when it is time to work out. Above that, you may also sign up in a fitness center, especially if you want to rough it up during your trip.

Mental Exercises

Simple, regular mental exercises will get you in the right shape for your solo trip. They may even help your body to process your physical activities better.

Other Things to Consider

  • Get used to being alone.

You do not want to start feeling lonesome while on vacation. This is especially for people who are taking the first plunge into solo travel. Regular sessions of sitting or doing things alone will get your mindset right for the time ahead.

  • Read about the experiences of other solo travelers.

Hearing from others who have done it will help you to deal with the apprehension of traveling alone. There are numerous blogs where such experiences are shared. They share important stuff, such as the best things to do as well as how to stay safe while on the trip.

  • Organize your stuff at home.

As you set your body for the getaway, organize your stuff, so you don’t have to worry about it while you are on the road. Get care for pets and secure your premises. This takes a great burden off your shoulders and helps you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Solo travel is a brave step that can be very fulfilling. To enjoy it fully, however, it is important to get your body and mind in shape before embarking. That you can easily do by following the simple guidelines above.

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