Traveling in Europe
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How to Make Money While Traveling in Europe

Traveling is usually associated with days away from work. It’s when you decide to spend some time exploring a new country and new towns. When the trip is over, you go back to your working life, keeping great memories of your vacation.

But what if you are so passionate about traveling that you’d love to be able to make a living while you explore the world? If you are a natural-born globe-trotter, keep on reading, as we unveil the secrets on how to make money while traveling.

We’ve put together a list of activities and jobs that will allow you to keep your travel schedule and regularly put some money into your bank account. What’s better than choosing the lifestyle you want and earning cash at the same time?

Some of these money-making schemes can even be done from the comfort of your own home. For example, did you know that investing small amounts of your money into things like Bitcoin can help to increase your return on investment, making it easier to save the cash needed for your travels? You can also purchase Bitcoin with PayPal (Bitcoin auch mit PayPal erwerben) so you have more than one way to go about this investment. And the good thing about this is that it can be done from almost anywhere in the world. What could be better than earning money while living the life that you want to live?

Plus, if you decide to travel across Europe, you will come across the most diverse and exciting countries, without having to cover great distances and with little or no time difference between one country and the next. In fact, as we’ll see, this can make a difference.

Find a Remote Job

Have you heard about the digital working nomads? We’re talking about those people who have a remote job and only need a computer, an internet connection, and of course, a comfortable office chair (probably sourced from a website similar to office monster) to be able to carry out their profession. Just think about programmers, remote personal assistants, translators, and remote customer service agents.

While in the collective image, these people are usually pictured typing at their computers while lying relaxed on a sunbed, and sipping a drink, the reality is very different. When you work, you need a quiet place and to be able to concentrate.

Also, a stable internet connection is a must, especially if you are required to contact customers or attend online meetings. Consider that it’s better to move around in countries with a similar time zone (max +/- two hours): it would be hard to handle a conversation with a client at three o’clock in the morning!

If you love to move around often, a remote job can surely give you the freedom to do just that, because you don’t need to physically be in an office.

Write a Travel Blog

Earning decent money with a blog is a difficult task that needs a lot of preparation. Still, it’s a fantastic option for a person who enjoys writing, communicating, and sharing the excitement of a travel experience.

You need to set up your site and grow your audience through marketing and social channels, including YouTube. Once you have enough traffic to your website or social networks, you can try to monetize through advertising or product placements.

Also, apart from a laptop and web connection, you need a professional camera to be able to post fantastic shots of the places you visit.

Join the Street Artists Community

If you are an artist (for example, a musician), you can try to reach new audiences playing your best songs in public spaces, where the passers-by will reward you with cash. Plus, busking doesn’t necessarily have to be a solitary thing; you can travel with friends who share your passion and bring your band to a “street tour” around Europe.

If you like the idea of becoming a traveling musician, you should check the rules and paperwork needed when you play on public streets. To get this information, before you decide your itinerary, write to local artists or to the local police department.

Become a Sales Representative

If you are stuck in a career that doesn’t give you any thrill or hopes of advancement, you can try to become a sales representative for a company that wants to expand its business in Europe. You will need to speak at least two languages and be aware of the cultural and social differences between European countries.

Try Your Luck as a Professional Gambler

Yes, we are talking about people who make a living playing at casinos. But wait, this is not for the faint-hearted; even the coolest poker player can have his bad day. You have to have a decent active balance to be able to stand a series of bad hands.

Professional players can also participate in casino tournaments. The prizes at stake are usually more than juicy! However, if you are not a professional player and just trying your beginner’s luck at gambling, Online Casinos might just be the thing for you. Be it for earning some real money or just for fun, you can find various casino games on web portals like 999BET-TH.
Additionally, you can find plenty of apps like the ones mentioned above. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your hotel or hostel. It’s pretty easy. Want to know how? Well, using sites like 918kiss livemobile88 could help you download apps like the ones mentioned onto your phone to play, and win! Have a look online to see what sparks your interest.

Drive People and Goods

If you own a well-sized vehicle in good condition, you can try to make some cash giving a ride to other travelers. Also, if you have a consistent following on your social networks, you can publish your itinerary, proposing yourself for small moving assistance and for carrying personal goods from one city to another.

The revenue you make will not be huge, but it will help to pay for fuel and motorway fees.

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