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How to Rent a Mailbox When You Move Abroad

Most tourists or expatriates are often concerned about the possibility of receiving their mail while abroad. While you might have some of your letters mailed to your new address, you might need to ensure that you do not miss some crucial mail back at home.

When traveling abroad, this does not mean that you will be renouncing your homeland. You might be just leaving it behind for a little while to explore what other parts of the world have to offer. After all, it makes little sense to shut off your entire life and start over again when you return home.

So when you are off in far-flung lands, correspondence from banks, utility service providers, tax authorities, and other organizations will probably be inundating your local mailbox. If you are only away for a short while, you have to monitor your mail.

Importance of Mailbox Rentals

It is a known fact that mail theft is quite common in most places, especially when you are not around to pick up your mail. Mailbox rentals are an excellent solution for travelers and ex-pats who are rarely at home and do not want to miss important letters sent to their home address. Therefore, renting a mailbox while traveling abroad essentially means that you will not miss important correspondence when living or working abroad.

If you are wondering whether it actually makes sense for you when traveling abroad, here are several reasons to rent a mailbox:

  • Security: Mailbox rentals give you peace of mind that your mail will be kept safe, and you do not have to worry about lost letters.
  • Reliability: There will always be someone to collect your mail on your behalf
  • Convenience: Mailbox service providers receive correspondence from all types of carriers. Also, you do not have to worry about missing an important letter.

Renting a Mailbox While Abroad

In the past, if you signed up with a mailbox service, they would hold your mail for you until you picked it up. That is a good thing for locals, but it is undoubtedly not advisable for ex-pats and travelers.

Find a Mailbox Rental Company

Several companies offer mailbox rental services. Thus, it would help if you did some due diligence to find a dependable service provider. This could mean looking at some parameters, such as the nature of their services and the corresponding cost.

Signup for a Mailbox Rental Service

Most mailbox rental services can be executed online. So after choosing a service provider, all you need is to log into their website and pick the right plan. This might also require that you define the duration of your subscription.

Make Payments

After signing up and choosing the right plan, you need to make the necessary payments. Most service providers accept payments made using conventional methods such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as other online payment solutions.

Submit Relevant Documents

Part of the registration process requires that you submit some documents. You might be expected to share some personal details and legal documents such as driver’s license, military ID, a passport-sized photo, and other essential information.

Sign a Lease Agreement

After completing the steps above, make sure you sign a lease agreement. This agreement essentially authorizes a third party to receive and forward your mail. Make sure that you go through the terms and conditions before appending your signature.

Final Thoughts

Mailbox rental services help you receive mail and packages while abroad. The best part about it is that it does not have to be complicated or expensive. All you need is to find a reputable service provider.

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