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Impact of Fitness and Exercise on Our Health

We all know fitness and exercise are good for our bodies, but only a few can tell how good? When asked, we would all wish to have more energy, feel better, and add more years to our life. Do you know how this can be achieved? Fitness and exercise is the bottom of it all. By definition, exercise is any form of movement that makes our muscles work. There is much we can achieve through exercises, including physical and mental development. This could be through running, swimming, cycling, even just getting out and walking! In fact you can even get an electric bike (click this link for more info), which is not only a quick and easy form of exercise but also a nice form of transport with no extra payments for fuel or tax that a car comes with! You can also go to the gym, run with a friend, or you can enjoy the privacy of your own home with a yoga mat for example. It doesn’t matter how you move your body, as long as you’re doing it on a regular basis! Here is a detailed discussion on the impact of fitness and exercise on our health.

Helps Control Our Weight
Health reports show inactivity is the leading factor in obesity and weight gain. Whenever we engage in physical activities, we burn calories. Exercises increase our bodies’ metabolic rates, meaning the more we exercise, the more calories we burn. However, this does not mean we should spend all our time at the gym. All that is required is to remain active throughout the day. For instance, we can choose the stairs to substitute the elevator or personally completing household chores. All that matters is consistency in the small activities we engage in.

Helps Combat Chronic Diseases
Have you heard about heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke before? Do you know their causes? According to health experts, the lack of regular exercise is the prime cause of these diseases. Engaging in physical activities boosts the “good” cholesterol and reduces unhealthy triglycerides in our bodies. Remaining active ensures that blood keeps on flowing smoothly; therefore, increasing oxygen levels in the body. These benefits aid in strengthening the heart and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Make Us Feel Happier
Physical activities are a proven mood booster. They aid in decreasing feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. It does not need to be at the gym as walking can still bring an emotional lift. Regardless of how intensive an exercise is, it will be sure to stimulate specific brain chemicals that will leave us relaxed and happier. Moreover, physical exercises increase endorphins levels that lead to positive feelings and reduction of pain perception. Sometimes extreme anxiety and/or pain can cause many issues in the body, so after exercising it may be wise to use a natural product to induce relaxation, for instance, medical marijuana has made many strides in the healthcare industry using San Diego dispensaries as well as others to help supply this to those who have been allowed to take this. More and more people are taking seriously the natural potency and depression-relieving properties of cannabis-related products and, with the spreading legality of the plant, they are taking to the internet to order their next batch. Check out this example of a strain that purportedly has relaxing effects while easing depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and more – It’s all about finding what works best for you and your condition.

Boosts Energy Levels
Our bodies need energy to perform our daily chores. The needed energy does not only come from food. Yes, we need to eat to gain energy but exercising helps boost energy. It works by ensuring oxygen and nutrients are delivered to tissues all over the body. The process also ensures the cardiovascular system is efficient.

When the lungs and heart health improves, we gain more energy to complete our daily activities. Moreover, exercises increase the energy levels of people suffering from progressive illnesses such as HIV and cancer. This means that remaining physically active can help boost our immunity and increase our chances of living longer.

Keeps Us Socially Active
May it be a dancing session, hiking, or joining a soccer team, the fact is that we have all engaged in exercises, and we can tell how enjoyable they are. Regardless of how slight an exercise session is, it indeed offers an opportunity for us to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. They also allow us to connect with friends and family members, thus creating a fun social setting. Social activeness aids boost our health status. This is why we need to find physical activities that keep us happy and, therefore, always find a new thing we can do with friends.

Exercises and physical fitness are a proven way to feel better, have fun, and boost our health. It is even a recommendation by the Department of Health and Human Services. However, always be mindful of the exercise program you engage in. If you have not been exercising for long or have been suffering from chronic health problems, check with your doctor for a prescription for the best workout program.

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