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Is Flying Short Haul Business Class Worth It?

We all have flown Economy Class and have an experience of how it can be like. Narrower seats, small legroom, and substandard food. However, not all airlines are like this as there are those who offer a good Economy Class experience. But have you wondered how it feels like to take the Business Class seat? Even before you can consider paying for one, the big question still lingers—is it really worth it?

I will share my thoughts on Business Class and try convincing you that it is worth every penny.

Enough Space

One thing that is likable about Business Class is that one can stretch out their legs and even lie down. I also like the idea that I have enough space for me to put all my stuff. I like going through my presentations when going on business trips, so I carry my laptop, my headphones, and a few other materials for the day. There is enough space for me to place all these things and access them easily whenever I want to.

Special Lounge

Most Business Classes have the benefit of a special lounge with restaurants, showers, private rooms, and reclining chairs, among others. There is even a bed which I find to be very helpful as I believe that it is essential to sleep the recommended eight hours. I take a few hours of sleep, which allows me to be fresh for the day’s presentation. This is a feature that you will really come to appreciate as even there is the option for direct boarding from the lounge.

It Offers Networking Opportunities

Forget about the bar, the excellent food, or the space that comes with Business Class. The real deal is the chance it offers one to network. Usually, Economy Class doesn’t provide you lounge access. This is the reason why I choose Business Class. I tend to arrive a little early and head to the lounge. Here, conversations happen almost naturally as people have lots of things to talk about. I have met great people with whom I have closed deals worth close to $800,000.

VIP Treatment

You will agree with me that receiving a little gift soothes the heart. If you forgot to bring your amenity kit while boarding the plane, you would be offered free shaving supplies, dental kit, earplugs, and hand cream, among other essentials. Noise can make the flight uncomfortable, and that is why noise-canceling headphones come in handy. But supposing, you forget? You don’t have to worry; with the Business Class ticket, you have it covered. You will be offered a pair of headphones that you can use during the flight.

You Learn

As a business person, knowledge is the key to business growth. If you were comparing private charters and commercial charters, I would encourage commercial charters. The reason is simple; commercial flights offer you the chance to meet many people who will provide you with priceless information that you couldn’t get elsewhere. I don’t have a thing about private charters, only that I find them a bit restrictive in terms of seat availability and inconvenient routes. So, if you want to acquire more knowledge, fly the commercial Business Class.

Well-Cooked Meals

Business Class offers onboard dining. You will be served good meals at no extra cost. You will be treated to premium wine, food, and cocktails with the menus created by renowned sommeliers and chefs. Some airlines allow one to book a meal by one of the top chefs at least 24 hours before the flight. I tend to find this satisfying as sometimes the food in the lounge is not to my liking.


Privacy is perhaps the greatest privilege that comes with Business Class. Normally, the level of privacy will differ depending on aircraft and airline, but most have a space that separates the lie-down beds with some having separate cabins. Some offer one with an actual bed and not the lie-down seat. The bed can actually be converted to a double for those traveling together.

All these luxuries come at a price, of course, often several times more than the cost of economy class and vary based on the airline, aircraft, route, and departure time. But if you want a comfortable flight, comfortable experience, and stress-free, then the extra expense is worth it. You can benefit from their free parks that include chauffeured transportation to the airport. If your airline doesn’t offer this service, you can arrange prior to your flight and book a taxi or Uber.

With all things considered, I believe that Business Class is a good choice. For me, as long as I can get at least 3 hours of profitable work done in a lounge on a flight, then I wouldn’t mind choosing the Business Class.

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