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Solo Weekend Getaways to Europe: My Top Tips

Europe is one of my favorite travel destinations for solo getaways. There are friendly people, different food cuisines, beautiful beaches, and cheap places as well. And oh, I always attended some matches such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga. Europe is a safe continent, and security should not be a problem. Some cities are better than others. If you are planning a first solo European tour, don’t worry. I have everything you need to know and some amazing tips.

This is the first thing that I plan before embarking on a solo trip. I prefer assigning a certain budget from my savings when planning. The budget caters to my expenses, including transport, sleeping locations, food, drinks, and any emergency that may arise. I also ensure the MasterCard V or Visa cards will work efficiently in most places for the convenience of paying my bills and buying personal gifts. If your budget will extend to it, think about traveling in style aboard a private jet – browse private jets online now to learn more about this luxurious service!

Choosing a Destination
I spend a lot of time in huge metropolitan cities like Barcelona, Paris, London, and Vienna; and small towns like Bergen, Bruges, and Bibury. I enjoy my time at Ora, Champagne, Navagio, and Petani beaches. They are amazing and offer exceptional relaxation more so if you want to be far from the hustle and bustle of town. There are thousands of travel destinations in Europe. What I normally like doing is having a plan that prevents me from choosing similar destinations two times consecutively. For instance, if I visit the beach this weekend, my next getaway will be something different. That ensures I will visit a different place every time.

My budget also comes into perspective when choosing my destination. If I’m under a tight budget, I prefer places that are not far away from my country. I also go for safe and cheap locations since all I want is to have fun. I will consider the most convenient mode of transport for moving around. If the city is small, I prefer walking around to get a glimpse of the architectural designs and take amazing selfies at close range.

Moving Around Europe Solo
Moving solo around Europe is very easy. Thanks to the different available options such as trains, airplanes, buses, cars, bikes, and trucks. Trains are among the most convenient for me as I get to enjoy the good views of the countryside that I pass by. I also choose them for intercountry travel. The excellent trick with trains is that I manage to get a discount for booking early and save myself some bucks. The Rail Planner mobile app has helped me big time. It is easy to use, and I get all the train schedules and destinations for all of Europe.

If the destination is going to be hundreds of miles away, then I prefer going on the planes. The good thing about air travel in Europe is it is relatively cheap and very fast. They help to save time if my time for the weekend getaway is limited. I will always go for the airline with discounts as most airlines offer similar services.

To ensure that I will move conveniently while at my getaway, I prefer to rent a car. It is easy to do that. I just check online reviews about the credible companies offering car hire services within the location. I get to my destinations easily and stop at strategic locations for some photos or local delicacies. Europe also has among the best cycling infrastructure globally. The Danube cycling path offers breathtaking scenes. It gave me one of my best personal cycling experiences. It snakes its way through four amazing countries. They include Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Germany. Therefore, getting around Europe solo has been stress-free and extremely enjoyable.

During my first few getaways, accommodation was quite a problem for me. However, it is now easy for me to get accommodation in secure environments and cheap locations with world-class facilities. If I am in towns, I prefer booking hotels with excellent views of the city. I also book in advance to avoid the last-minute rush as prices are likely to go up. Some online organizations like Airbnb and HomeAway have come to my rescue several times. They have properties listed in all European countries. I always get my discount by booking early even a month away from a planned weekend getaway. Besides, I always ensure that the place I am choosing for my accommodation is within the area I am visiting, safe, and has all the amenities I need for my stay.

Food and Drink
It is fair to say authoritatively that Europeans have some of the best food recipes and drinks around the world. From my travel weekends, I established that Europeans love quality food made from local ingredients. I enjoy different and unique recipes that change from my destination to another. Some recipes have been passed by families from one generation to another. Every getaway is a chance to enjoy local dishes in every destination. I have never had problems with getting my favorite drinks in most destinations. However, I ensure that I will sample local drinks during my weekend getaway. Speaking of trying things, one of my friends tried a CBD vape shot on her trip and was apparently the best experience of her entire journey. I would love to be more adventurous like that, but I haven’t tried any cannabis yet. I’m still deciding on my drinks and hope I get them right first!

Europe has been my number one for solo weekend getaways. I have lifetime memories of the places I have visited. However, the coronavirus pandemic has limited my movements since most intercountry travel became limited. Once everything goes back to normal, just know I will be on the plane or train for a solo weekend getaway.

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