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Tips for Saving when Traveling

Traveling can be expensive but with the right strategy you can cut down the cost. If you want to start saving on your trips, here are some tips that will help you do it.

  • Spend Less on Buying Things

I try not to buy many things even when I see something that I think I would love to own. I always prefer having much time to travel rather than buy lots of stuff. Traveling to many places is a good way of preserving the memories and it helps us put value into perspective.

  • Travel Off-Season

This is my number one recommendation. If you travel during the high season, you will find that such things as food and accommodation will be much costly. My family and I often travel during the off-seasons and we can tell you that there is nothing regrettable about it. The off-season allows you cheap or affordable options including discounts on hostels and apartments, half-price tours, and ferry discounts just to mention a few. You can try the off-season too and get to benefit.

  • Consider Sharing an Apartment

We all love staying at a hotel but the prices can sometimes be too high especially when traveling as a group. This is when we consider other options like sharing an apartment. Check for a house through such services as Airbnb and get to save on cost while allowing better and bigger amenities. If you rent from Airbnb, book rentals are hosted by ‘Superhosts’ with the highest ratings. These offer you the best host services.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Fees

If you don’t mind being assigned a random seat, don’t pay to choose one. This is the same when it comes to in-flight meals-it is better to bring your water and snacks or to buy something at the airport before boarding a flight.

Also, if you have multiple flights during your flight, consider a carry-on bag. It ensures that you can have it at closer proximity ensuring its safety and also spares you the need to pay checked baggage fees for every flight.

  • Avoid Rental Cars

While a rental car offers you much flexibility it can incur extra expenses. Before you can decide on a destination, check out their public transportation. I don’t like wasting my time looking at a map that will take me forever to work out. This is why I avoid taking rented cars as much as possible unless necessary. If you are traveling locally, it is best to travel in your own car. So, if you were planning on getting a new car, get car invoice prices and buy one according to your travel needs!

  • Consider Hiring Pocket WiFi

Rentable mobile routers have become common in places like Japan and Europe. These are reserved and picked at the airport or you can have it delivered to your hotel. These portable devices have low per day charges and will save you a lot of money from international roaming charges. It also saves you from having to pay for the hotel’s Wi-Fi if it is not stable of having to but coffee every time you need to use the Wi-Fi at the café.

  • Eat Local Cuisine

Local food will often be cheaper than international cuisine. If you choose to eat international food then be ready to spend a little more as most of the ingredients aren’t locally sourced. We always prefer eating the local foods, they are tasty and often cost less.


Whenever you plan on traveling, it is important to consider ways that will help you manage your budget. You can spend less than you could have spent when you don’t have ideas on how to save on your travel budget. This article serves as a guide for saving on your travel by doing the simplest of things.

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